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Clear Advantageí¢


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Healthcare providers today need to take extreme precautions against the spread of infectious disease. The use of inexpensive disposable filters is a safe and effective method in attempting to accomplish this in pulmonary function testing. Additionally, the Clear Advantage™ filter dramatically reduces disassembly and cleaning time and protects valuable PFT equipment from contact with expectorated matter. With maximum airflow efficiency the Clear Advantage™ filter incorporates a unique pad mount that supports the filter media without the need for traditional folds, pins, fins, or other flow restrictive mechanical supports. Such supports can create airflow turbulence, blockage, and “dead pockets” within the filter air flow path, which can seriously impair spirometer reliability. With the Clear Advantage™ filter, the airflow encounters nothing but unobstructed filtration using state-of-the-art media as it passes through the unit.



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