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COMPACT Medical Workstation

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Integrated cardio-respiratory diagnostic workstation

The Vitalograph COMPACT™ Expert is a medical workstation, with the ability to integrate market leading Vitalograph spirometry, with 12-lead ECG, pulse oximetry, COPD assessment, blood pressure measurement, challenge testing and more in a flexible, portable desktop solution. COMPACT features secure data management using data encryption in SQL databases, and the ability to exchange patient data with Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems, using GDT & HL7 protocols.

The COMPACT Expert medical workstation features:

  • 12.4 inch color touch screen display
  • Class II Medical Device
  • Spirotrac software integrating the management of your subjects, visits and all of your clinical testing
  • Designed for secure encrypted data transmission via the internet to Vitalograph hosted central servers for analysis, review, over-reading, reporting and archiving

Vitalograph COMPACT for communication and training

  • Ethernet x 2
  • Serial ports x 2
  • USB 2.0 x 4
  • Bluetooth® and WiFi dongle option
  • Audio out (stereo) and microphone input
  • DVI video output for connection to a monitor or projector
  • Integrated GDT & HL7 Data Transfer Protocols


  • Intuitive user interface with workflow orientated presentation
  • Subject list, test session list, dynamic information panel and session data in one view
  • Automatic FEV1 trend chart view as subject is selected
  • Open session, f/v & v/t curves, all test data, test quality and subject demographics in one view
  • Automatic storage of all test data and events, including calibration log
  • Attractive incentive displays for children, designed to maximise interest and effort
  • View real-time curves through the incentives
  • Comprehensive reports for spirometry and trending including PDF generator for remote electronic filling and e-mailing
  • Configurable spirometry reports
  • Manual data entry and data export facility
  • Mannitol/Bronchial Challenge Testing


The 12-lead ECG enables full 12-lead electrocardiography with very low occurrence of lead artefact. Analysis and interpretation come as standard using the world class University of Glasgow interpretation algorithm which provides detailed diagnostic suggestions and evaluation of results. ECG measurements are captured and transmitted wirelessly for display in real-time and data is automatically saved for recall, reporting or printing. Transmitting ECG traces wirelessly is fast and safe with no leads to trip over or create artefacts from movement or electrical sources. The built-in display provides information on electrode contact problems, heart rate, battery status, communication status and digital pacemaker detection. The 12-lead resting ECG data is reviewed in accordance with the requirements of the study protocol by trained cardiologists.

  • Operator controlled selection of a 10-s sample trace, but can capture and store several minutes of 12-lead ECG recording
  • Visual electrode contact indication to assist operator
  • Wireless data transmission via Bluetooth (range:approx. 10m)
  • High quality multi-channel and 12-lead overview for viewing and printing
  • Print configurable 1 or 2 page reports
  • View traces as 1 x 12; 2 x 6 or 3 x 4 plus rhythm strip
  • Calculation of the heart rate with acoustic and visual signal
  • Full range of parameters are available (e.g. P duration,PQ interval, QRS period)
  • Automatic pacemaker detection
  • Rhythm analysis

For more 12-lead ECG information, click here


The Spirotrac Pulse Oximetry Software feature allows you to plug the Nonin SpO2 sensor directly into the USB port on your PC/Laptop or COMPACT Expert to deliver accurate and high quality oximetry alongside spirometry. This calculates, trends and reports all primary parameters including minimum, maximum and median SpO2/pulse rate. Capable of recording quick assessments or longer term recordings and up to four measurement values can be set by the user (Tx)

Spirotrac also includes a testing module for conducting the 6-Minute Walk Test in accordance with ATS Guidelines integrated with the SpO2 sensor


Vitalograph Spirotrac includes a Six Minute Walk test module that measures the distance a patient can walk quickly on a flat, hard surface in 6 minutes and reflects an individual’s ability to perform daily physical activities.

  • Spirometry and pulse oximetry data is automatically or manually integrated using the ATS/ERS 6-minute walk test protocol
  • 6-Minute Walk Test Wizard runs in 10 logical stages
  • The BODE* Index (*Body Mass Index, Obstructive Index, Dyspnoea Score, Exercise Tolerance) predicts COPD mortality based on FEV1, 6MWT, BMI, MMRC and BORG Scale



Model No 6600
Net Size 375mm x 235mm x 110mm
Gross Size 461mm x 297mm x 226mm
Weight Net: 2.5kg; Gross: 4.3kg
Recommended Operating Temperature Range 17– 37ºC (ISO26782 limits), Design limits 10– 40ºC
Data Storage Stores up to 10,000 subjects
Input Voltage/Frequency 110-250VAC 50/60Hz
PowerSAFE Output Voltage 19V DC
Storage Humidity 10% – 95%
Storage Temperature 0 – 50ºC
Class IIa MDD
Communications USB 2.0 x 6, Serial RS232 x 2, Ethernet x2
DVI Video Display Interface
Electrical Safety Standards EN 60601 (IEC 60601) (applicable to electrical devices)
Medical Safety Standard Medical Devices Directive 2007/47/EC
Designed and Manufactured Under ISO 13485:2003, FDA 21 CFR 820, CMDR SOR 98/282 and JPAL
Spirometry Parameters Fleisch type pneumotachograph
Spirometry Predicted Values Selectable
Spirometry Test Types Single breath tests, flow/volume loops, multi-breath testing, tidal breathing
Volume Accuracy Better than +/ 3%
BT12 12-channel, 3 leads acc. to Einthoven, 3 acc. to Goldberger, 6 Wilson leads
Power Supply 2 x AA batteries (1.5 V) or rechargeable batteries (1.2 V)
Runtime when Used Constantly Approx. 14h
Electrodes Standard ECG electrodes

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