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FUTUREMED Discovery-2


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– Forced Vital Capacity (F-V Loops)
– Slow Vital Capacity
– Maximum Voluntary Ventilation
– Respiratory Pattern
– Pre/Post Medication comparisons
– Broncho-challenge testing
– Trending

Measured Parameters

FVC, FEV1, PEF, FEV1/FVC, FEV6, FEV6/FVC, FEV1/FEV6, FEF25-75, FET100%, VEXT, FIVC, PIF, VC (SVC), IVC, MVV, FEV1/VC%, ERV, IRV, VE, Rf, ti, te, ti/t.tot, Vt/Ti, IC, MEF75, MEF50, MEF25, Best FVC, Best FEV1, Lung age.

Predicted Values

NHANESIII, ITS, Knudson 83, Knudson 76, Morris, Bass, ERS 93 (ECCS 83), ECCS 71, Pereira, Thai 2000, LAM, Multicentrico, Pneumobil, Gutierrez.


Item # Description


Discovery 2 spirometer
Turbine flowmeter
AC/DC Power Adapter (110-240)
USB communication cable to PC
Mouthpieces (20 adult/20 peds)
Bacterial filter starter kit
Carrying case
Discovery-2 Software for Windows
Warranty card

Optional Accessories

Item # Description
39250 3 liter calibration syringe
39295 Bacterial filters (50/box)
39298 Bacterial filters (250/case)
35090 Pediatric mouthpieces (100)
35075 One-way mouthpieces

Standard Features

– Large color display
– Time/volume & Flow/volume
graphs in real time
– Fast and complete internal printer
– Alpha-numeric keyboard
– Connection to standard external printers
– Memory
– Optional Oximetry
– Optional Airway Resistance
– Available in English, Spanish & French

PC Software

Futuremed's software for Windows can be used in two unique ways to increase to Discovery-2's value :

–  Patient files can be stored from Discovery-2 to the PC (or from the PC back to Discovery-2).  

–  The same software can be used to perform tests from Discovery directly onto the PC.


Bidirectional digital turbine. Cold-sterilizable. The compact handset is lightweight and easy for adults and children to handle. Used with your choice of mouthpieces or bacterial filters.


Range (volume): 12 liters
Range (flow): 0.03 – 20 l/s
Accuracy: ± 2%
Flow resistance: <.70 cm H2O/l/s @ 12 l/s


Automatic, using 3L syringe per ATS recommendations

Hardware Features

Power: AC/DC with rechargeable battery
Size: ~ 8"x 9"x 3"
19.0 x x 23.8 x 7.6 cm
Weight: 2.6 lbs, 1.2 Kg
Op. Temp.: 0-50° C

Discovery-2 Package





 Discovery-2+ Sales Sheet (PDF)

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