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Inventis Flute Plus -Diagnostic Middle Ear Analyzer


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Inventis Flute Plus -Diagnostic Middle Ear Analyzer

Inventis Flute Plus – Diagnostic Middle Ear Analyzer Flute is a diagnostic middle ear analyzer, capable of performing incredibly fast and reliable automatic sequences of tympanometry and reflex threshold tests, as well as manual reflex and reflex decay tests, ETF test, and high frequency tympanometry. Great versatility, a user-friendly interface, advanced features and small size make Flute the ideal choice for a wide range of users, from hearing aid dispensers to clinics and hospitals.

The models

Flute is available in three models: Basic, Plus and HF. The following table is an overview of the tests available on each version.

Basic Plus HF
Automatic tympanometry ‰ÏÒ ‰ÏÒ ‰ÏÒ
Automatic acoustic reflex thresholds ‰ÏÒ ‰ÏÒ ‰ÏÒ
Reflex test with fixed intensity ‰ÏÒ ‰ÏÒ ‰ÏÒ
Reflex test with increasing intensity ‰ÏÒ ‰ÏÒ ‰ÏÒ
Manual acustic reflex ‰ÏÒ
Quick tests (tymp. + reflex sequence) ‰ÏÒ ‰ÏÒ ‰ÏÒ
Acustic reflex decay ‰ÏÒ
Manual pump control ‰ÏÒ
Eustachian Tube Function (intact TM) ‰ÏÒ ‰ÏÒ
Eustachian Tube Function (perforated TM) ‰ÏÒ
Probe tones 226Hz 226Hz 226Hz 1000Hz


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