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Micro Audiometrics ES3S/ES3S+


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Earscan 3s Audiometer

Size does matter… Whether being carried from location to location or being used at a fixed site, the Earscan® 3S audiometer’s size makes it a perfect fit. This lightweight, truly portable audiometer is equally at home in the palm of your hand or taking up a fraction of the work space of other “portable” audiometers.

So does quality… The Earscan® 3S has been designed to the same strict quality standards that has defined all Micro Audiometrics products, from the durablity of the enclosure to the signal presentation quality. With one of the longest warranties on the market, you can be sure the Earscan® 3S will serve you now and in the years to come.

And so do features… The standard Earscan® 3S is a fully programmable audiometer, allowing customization of the entire test procedure, from the intensity step size to the frequencies selected for testing. Operator to patient communication is built in so the patient doesn’t need to remove the headset to hear any test instructions. Calibration is password protected to ensure the integrity of data. Built in calibration reminders ensure the validity of test results. With standard RS-232 communications, data can be transferred to a variety of printers and PC programs. Upgradability ensures the Earscan® 3S will meet your current needs as well as any in the future.

Earscan® 3S+ package available… In addition to the above features, the Earscan® 3S+ package also includes higher intensity ranges, allowing for testing of patients with a more profound hearing loss. The Earscan® 3S+ includes the ability to have two headsets calibrated to the same unit, allowing the use of both the standard TDH-39 headset as well as optional insert earphones. Additional items include a printer and carrying case.

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