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Pulmoguard Filter + Cardboard Mouthpiece + The KliP(Box of 40 Each)


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Box of 40 Each

Spirometry Supply Kits to Suit Your Every Need
All kits are individually bagged for your convenience.

Kit includes Pulmoguard bacterial/viral filter, plus disposable mouthpiece, and The Klip

Pulmoguard PFT Filters
The original leader in PFT filters – fits most spirometers with no adapters

During a Pulmonary Function Test, bacteria and viruses can be expelled, posing serious risk to patients and health care workers alike. With a cross-contamination efficiency of 99.999%, Pulmoguard is safe, highly efficient…and very affordable.

Pulmoguard PFT Filter Features:

  • Meets ATS air resistance standards
  • Features dead volume of less than 70ml
  • Pleated media for better functionality
  • Compact, non-intimidating design
  • Transparent for easy, 100% visual inspection
  • Needs no adapter to fit all SDI spirometers
  • Fits many other PFT instruments with no adapter

Pulmoguard fits the following instruments without an adapter:
Adapters also available for instruments not listed.

*Note: Use Pulmoguard II (Green) PFT Filters for all SDI Spirometers

Assess Peak Flow Meter
Burdick – Spirosense
Circadian – All Models (if using black Tamarac pneumotach, need 7975)
Cybermedics – Spinnaker TL, SL, CM3, CM310 (if white or black cone use 7980)
Cybermedics – Moose
Godart – All Models
Gould – 5004
Healthscan – Assess Peak Flow Meter
Jaeger – All Models except Spiro Pro
Jones – All Models except Satellite (small end of filter)
Koko – All Models
Med Graphics – 1070, 1085 (w/Prevent, use PG II; if no Prevent, 7970-spirometry, 7961-vol/diff)
Med Science – 570, 6257
Med Science – 3000, 4000 (spirometry-no adapt./vol-7961/diff-7960B)
Med Systems – Spirolite 101 & 201 (small end of filter), 343
New Med – 7000 I (Spirobyte)
PK Morgan – Benchmark (spirometry-7978, vol&diff-7960B), Flexi Flow (small end of filter), Trans Flow
Pneumedics – All Models (small end of filter)
Riko – AS300
S&M – CF-150B, GS520, Keystone III, Portascreen, Pulmoscreen
ViaSys/Sensormedics – Horizon, Ohio, 922, 2130, 2200, 2400, 2450, 2800, 6200, 2100 (spirometry-7961, vol-7960B, diff-7960B), Vmax (can use PGII w/7976 or 7977)
Spirolink – All Models
Spirometrics – LTE, 2500 LTE
Spiroscreen – All Models (small end of filter)
Spirotech – All Models
Tamarac – All Models except Presto Flash

Adapters also available for instruments not listed.
Call 1-866-204-2227 for more infomation

Safe-t-Chek One-Way Valve Cardboard Mouthpieces
One-way valves ensure “infection protection”

Safe-t-Chek mouthpieces adapt to all spirometers, peak flow meters and other PFT devices! Its innovative design virtually eliminates the threat of cross-infection. Patients worry about getting germs from others – now they can relax with Safe-t-Chek. The unique 8-point peripheral support creates a complete seal, as the valve closes completely if the patient attempts to inhale. This interrupts air flow, preventing the passage of airborne infectious particles. Keep your patients safe…with Safe-t-Chek!

Safe-t-Chek Cardboard Mouthpiece Features:

  • Very low air resistance
  • Smooth design ensures patient comfort
  • Disposable Cardboard

The Klip Nose Clip – Used for All Spirometry Tests
Proven results. Unsurpassed comfort. And the best price around.

Recommended by The American Thoracic Society, nose clips have been proven to significantly improve PFT test results. The less air that escapes from the nose, the more accurate the result.

That’s what sets The Klip apart from typical nose clips. With no bulky pads, it offers the snuggest, most comfortable fit available. And compare the cost…you won’t find a lower price anywhere.

The Klip Nose Clip Features:

  • Spring-action design stays secure
  • Scratch-free edges for incredible comfort
  • Better PFT test results


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