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Pulmoguard II PFT Filters (Box of 300)


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Box of 300

Pulmoguard II PFT Filters
The latest in PFT filters – fits most PFT devices without adapters

During a Pulmonary Function Test, bacteria and viruses can be expelled, posing serious risk to patients and health care workers alike. With a cross-contamination efficiency of 99.999%, Pulmoguard II is safe, highly efficient…and very affordable.

Pulmoguard II PFT Filter Features:

  • Meets ATS air resistance standards
  • Features dead volume of less than 70ml
  • Pleated media for better functionality
  • Compact, non-intimidating design
  • Transparent for easy, 100% visual inspection
  • Needs no adapter to fit all SDI spirometers
  • Fits many other PFT instruments with no adapter

The Pulmoguard II PFT Filter fits the following instruments without an adapter:

Breon – All Models
CDX – Spiro 110 (remove black fitting), Spiro 850
Cavitron/Donti – All Models
Collins – DS, DS1, DS2, DS420, DS421, DS520, Eagle, Survey, Survey Plus, RS, all unless UBV is used
Collins – CPL, GS, Survey Tach (hose for spirometry-use 7982)
Cosmed – All Models
Creative Biomedics – All Models
Futuremed – Discovery, Spirobank, Spirovision III
Medical Equip Designs – All Models (remove black fitting)
Med Graphics – Prevent, PF/DX (needs to be reprogrammed if no filter before)
Micro Medical/Direct – All Models
MIR – All Models
Mini – Wright Peak Flow Meter
Multispiro – All Models except PC (remove black fitting)
Ohio – All Models
PK Morgan – 232
Puritan-Bennett – PS600, 900, 900L, VS400
Riko – All Models except AS300
S&M – Keystone
SDI – All Models
Spirometrics – All Models except LTE, 2500 LTE
VacuMed – Discovery, Micro, MicroPlus, MicroGP/DL, MicroLoop, Pony, Spiroscreen, Wizard
Vitalograph – All Models
Wright Professional – Peak Flow Meter except Presto Flash

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