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Resonance R16M-D Portable Diagnostic Tymp & Diagnostic DPOAE

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R16M-D Portable Diagnostic Tymp & Diagnostic DPOAE

Includes Diagnostic Tymp & Diagnostic DPOAE

The Resonance R16M-D Diagnostic Portable Middle Ear Analyzer is a flexible clinical device for tympanometry acoustic reflex measurement. Compact dimensions, an ergonomic design and a bright 7” LCD display: R16M-D has been expertly engineered to respond to the needs of ENT and Audiology professionals.

Tympanometry, Acoustic Reflex, Quick Test with 3 editable protocols, High Frequency Tympanometry, Decay with non-acoustic monitor, ETF for intact membrane and patulous ET

Everything at your fingertips.

Made from high-quality materials, R16M-Diagnostic is exquisitely designed. The device combines
tympanometry and reflex tests, all in a uniquely portable and wireless device with 7” touch screen display.

Although small, R16M-D can perform middle ear analysis at both 226 Hz and 1kHz and reflex testing on Ipsi and
Contra side. The device includes acoustic reflex decay with non-acoustic and ETF tests for intact and patulous
eustachian tube. All accessories are designed to maximize patient comfort.

All the fundamental elements of R16M-D – display, chipset, wireless connection, and user interface design –
work together to create the best possible experience. Nothing comes between you and the large, touch screen
with brilliant display that makes R16M-D capable of so much more in every test you perform.

R16M-D’s new Bluetooth® capabilities keep you connected faster than ever. PC-integration through Bluetooth technology
with Management Data Suite (MDS) software for Windows® provides an easy transfer of audiometric data to the PC.
MDS software features include database storage on local or Noah®, with Print Wizard and advanced reporting.

In the box:

• Probe HF
• Kit of assorted ear tips: screening silicone-type; 5 sizes (6 mm to 15 mm); 25 of each size
• Calibration cavity
• Insert earphones IP30 for Contra use
• Resonance® MDS Software
• Medical power supply (100Vac – 240Vac)
• Blade kit adapter
• USB pen drive (with multilingual user’s handbook)
• Touch screen pen
• Charging cradle
• Carrying bag
• Bluetooth v. 4.0 adapter for PC

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