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Resonance R26M PT MF Diagnostic Tympanometer

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R26M PT MF Diagnostic Tympanometer

The Resonance R26M-PT Middle Ear Analyzer is a flexible clinical device for tympanometry acoustic reflex measurement. Compact dimensions, an ergonomic design and a bright 7” LCD display: R26M-PT has been expertly engineered to respond to the needs of ENT and Audiology professionals. The design is user-friendly and allows the device and accessories to be safely transported in a durable luggage-grade padded carrying case.

The R26M-PT’s expertly-designed included accessories maximize patient comfort for the best and easiest use of the device. Additional optional accessories increase the device’s flexibility and performance. The Resonance research and development team works with university research departments and ENT specialists to identify and prioritize the features most important to them. Construction with high-quality components ensures the unit will be a vital part of your practice for years to come.

Test Types
• Tympanometry: Automatic Tympanometry, Acoustic Reflex, Reflex Decay, Multifrequency Tympanometry

“Children” Feature 

To help keep the child’s attention diverted from the testing procedure, a series of animated images appears on the color display

In the box:
• Headband Probe 226 Hz or Headband Probe HF with DD45 for contra
• Insert for contra
• Kit of assorted ear tips; 2 shapes available
• Calibration cavity with probe housing
• Built-in fast thermal printer
• Thermal paper roll
• Device dust cover
• USB pen drive
• MDS* software
• Power supply cable (110 – 220V)

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