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Safe-t-Chek Mouthpieces (Box of 600 )


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Box of 600

Safe-t-Chek One-Way Valve Cardboard Mouthpieces
One-way valves ensure “infection protection”

Safe-t-Chek mouthpieces adapt to all spirometers, peak flow meters and other PFT devices! Its innovative design virtually eliminates the threat of cross-infection. Patients worry about getting germs from others – now they can relax with Safe-t-Chek. The unique 8-point peripheral support creates a complete seal, as the valve closes completely if the patient attempts to inhale. This interrupts air flow, preventing the passage of airborne infectious particles. Keep your patients safe…with Safe-t-Chek!

Safe-t-Chek Cardboard Mouthpiece Features:

  • Very low air resistance
  • Smooth design ensures patient comfort
  • Disposable Cardboard

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