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Tremetrics RA800

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The RA800 Easy-Touch Audiometer (RA800) interactive touch-screen interface makes your testing faster and more convenient than ever before. The RA800 has USB connectivity that can be used with third party software, the capability to test from -10 dB to 100 dB and from 500 Hz through 8000 Hz, the RA800 provides accurate results with every test. Users simply touch their finger to the screen of the RA800 to select the desired operation or function display, and the ability to customize the program and the subject questions and answers right on the screen offers ease-of-use. In addition to setting up a complete custom audiometric testing protocol, the RA800 will store up to 2,500 audiograms, and incorporates sophisticated retest and validation checking to ensure that proper hearing threshold levels are determined. With a fully automated test routine or the choice to test manually or semi-automatically for just one selected ear/frequency or several, and built-in safeguards to alert the operator if individuals are attempting to manipulate test results, the RA800 is really that easy to use.


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