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Visitor T30 C

Call for Price

Visitor T30 C simplifies the way you work: thanks to the compact mechanical structure, coming from a totally new project, Visitor T30 C overcomes the need to integrate a rotating arm, as its reduced dimensions permit an easy positioning even between beds. Thanks to its 32 kW, 125 kV high frequency generator and its rotating anode dual focus tube, Visitor T30 C is able to go through the high productivity required from an emergency context, as well as to sustain the exigent image quality needs asked by orthopaedics, paediatric or surgery departments. The mobile unit is also available with an integrated dose-area product dosimeter, able to give you immediate feedback about the dose value delivered to the patient. Given that we know the importance of extending the range of applications towards digital technologies, the flexibility of the unit is further enhanced thanks to the possibility to upgrade the product on field with a portable Flat Panel.

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