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Visitor T4

Call for Price

Visitor T4 is the entry-level model of our family of mobile units and it definitely represents the best compromise in terms of image quality, investment protection and capability to sustain demanding clinical needs.
Despite the attractive price, Visitor T4 allows the users to rely on a very good performance: its 4 kW,110 kV high frequency generator, together with the extremely light weight, make it suitable for most examinations performed in plaster rooms, emergency and health screenings contexts. With the aim to always result user-friendly for the operators, exposure parameters are set in a very intuitive way, through the keyboard mounted on-board. For appropriate visibility, the control panel integrates also an LCD alphanumeric display, showing all the operative parameters and messages of possible faulty status. Moreover, it’s also available with an integrated dose-area product dosimeter, able to give you immediate feedback about the dose value delivered to the patient.

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